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You knocked me off of my feet, but I think it's time for me
To start walking again, stop running away from it
Next time you see me I will be singing
A new song, I am learning to / Shine on

Shine on, shine on / There'll be time enough for darkness when everything's gone
Shine on, shine on
There is work to be done in the dark before dawn

It's been hard not to give in & it ain't easy living
In hard times, I know it's weighing on your mind
Next time you see me I'll be uplifting
Yes, I will give you hope! I am learning as I go to / Shine on

I know how dark it seems, I feel it coming up
Inside of me & I feel it in you too, in everything we do
Next time you see me, we'll both be laughing
O just to be alive! we are learning to shine / Shine on

There is work to be done so you you've got to shine on

w & m: May Erlewine
© 2005 May Erlewine.


(key of C)

C - G - / Am - F G :// C -

C - G - / Am G C - ://

Am G C -

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