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If you are weary & trying to find your way home
Well don't give up my friend, 'cos you are not alone
In a world full of trouble, you know trouble may find you
But I've got your medicine baby, this is what you do

You've got to rise up, rise up singing
In time this too shall pass
You've got to rise up, rise up singing
You know trouble ain't built to last

And when you're left standing with no hope inside
'Cos at the end of the tunnel someone's been dimming out the light
Well you can lose your way & end up far from home
But 'till the day you lose your voice, you cannot lose your song

You know life ain't easy & life will make you cry, but
So long as you're breathing you know you are still alive, and
When you're standing at the station waiting for your train
Don't you think you'll be singing, oh that sweet refrain


(key of D)

D - G - A - D :||

D - G - / A - D - / 1st / Em A D

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