Hello Friends and Happy February!

It has been a while this time. We have been experiencing the crisp cold and the snow covered wonderland. It has been a busy time and an especially challenging winter this year. So many people are experiencing great loss and trials of the heart. We have been thick in the grief of losing our dear friend David Fetzer, who stood by our side as the best man at our wedding and is an incredible indescribable inspiration to both of us. We have been uplifted by the outpouring of love and support from our community and we are sending lots of light to each of you as we build toward the new growth of spring while receiving the mysterious medicine of these dark days.

We have a lot of adventures ahead of us. We have been busy and moving forward with many projects and also finding time to nest in our home and enjoy the peace and quiet there. Songs are stewing, inspiration continues to burn in our hearts.

We wrote a lot of gift songs in December and that was a fun and beautiful process to take part in. We are still offering gift songs through March. If you are interested in having one of us write a song as a gift for you, or a loved one, please e-mail mayerlewine@gmail.com or Samuelsethbernard@gmail.com and we will send you more information.

We have spent a lot of time in the studio and we are very excited to let you know about a few projects... Seth has been working on a new album as well as his continued work on his archives and we are going to launch a kickstarter to support these efforts very soon. He has also been cranking out overdubs on a rocking new "Airborne or Aquatic?" album that was tracked at Finn Hall in Rock, Michigan last summer. We will give you all the heads up when stuff starts dropping! We recently spent a week in the studio with our dear friend Darlene and her upcoming double album is amazing and is being mixed right now for a summer release. We helped produce a new album by our dear friend and bassist Max Lockwood at Heart Center Studio last month. Joe Reilly's new album, Greyhound Bus Tour, will be released in May. Elizabeth Pixley-Fink's album, Blood Root is available now. And Joshua Davis' new album, A Miricle of Birds takes flight this weekend!
→ You will find more information and these albums for sale at http://earthworkmusic.com

We have a lot of shows coming up here in the mitten state. We are very excited to be playing at some of our favorite venues over the next few months. Check out our tour dates to your right for a show near you!

We are traveling out West and out East in March and April and, as always, we are very much looking forward to visiting these very special places that are so dear to our hearts. Our annual Oregon and Vermont residencies have become an important part of our yearly inspiration and pollination. In March you will find us in the Portland, OR area playing a variety of shows for your listening pleasure. In April, we will be venturing out East and playing in Maine, Massachusetts and Vermont! Please let your friends know we'll be visiting, we'd love to make some new connections while we're touring.

We have been enjoying teaching our classes at Blackbird Arts this session. We are mid-way through our 6 week classes on songwriting and guitar. We will be playing a special kids concert on February 28th! We plan to continue to offer classes in the spring so keep your eyes out for the next session schedule.

How are you spending your Valentines day? We are playing a concert to support two people who have given their hearts to our community and have been heroes and mentors to each of us personally. The concert will be honoring and supporting Bob Russell and Sally VanVleck of Neahtawanta. Nrec.org. Their work and dedication has nurtured Northern Michigan for many years.
→Please show your love and support by coming out to Higher Grounds on February 14th.
→If you are unable to attend this concert, you can still offer support here. http://www.whenyouwish.com/
In the search box: Block Center for Bob

Thank you all for all you are. We are grateful to our supporters. Without you, well, who knows what we'd do! We are wishing you a joyful month full of life's blessings. Cherish each day, we really do not know what will come our way next.

May and Seth

Phoebe Thorne