Where We Are


May Erlewine is going into the studio once again to record a new album! With two hearts keeping time, this will be a special project.

My name is May Erlewine and I am entering the studio in the new year to put my heart into an album and offer it up to the world. This project will be my 7th full length solo recording. Life has given me a lot to work with since my last record and, as always, the songs reflect the journey.

This year has brought with it great loss and changes for me and my husband Seth. We have had to say goodbye to some very dear friends. Grieving these losses has left us with a lot of questions and a mission to continue onward. In puzzling through the journey of letting go, music and creativity have been so very helpful. The songs I have written for this album have helped me to heal and to process what it means to keep breathing and living this life.

With the passing of one thing, another begins. This new year brings with it new breath as Seth and I welcome a baby into our lives! The little one is due in March and we are so very excited to start a little family of our own. What a joy after so much sorrow, blessed be.

I have assembled a group of extraordinary musicians to play on this record. The project will feature Seth Bernard on guitar, Dominic Davis on the Bass, Joshua Davis on the keys, Michael Shimmin on drums and percussion, Laurel Premo on fiddle and banjo and I'll be joining them on guitar, dulcimer and piano. Capturing all of these sounds and working his magical engineer powers, Ian Gorman, the owner of La Luna Studios in Kalamazoo, will be at the helm once again. We will all gather together at the Heart Center Studios in Big Rapids, where I grew up, to dig deep and offer our magic to the music. I am beyond excited and honored to have such amazing folks and incredible talent on this recording.

This album marks a powerful time in my life. Honoring what is gone and blessing this passage into motherhood and the future. It is a pause button, where for a few days, I can put it all into the music. I cannot tell you how much it means to watch these songs come to life with this wonderful team of friends that have been part of my musical family for many, many years.

This record will be created by local Michigan musicians and will be printed by a worker owned cooperative on 100% recycled materials. By supporting this Kickstarter project you are becoming a crucial part of making this album possible. The funds raised will be used to record, mix, master, duplicate and release the album. Your involvement is met with the greatest gratitude and excitement!

Thank you for your support,

May Erlewine Bernard

Phoebe Thorne