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A Record For The Hearts of the People

June 14, 2017

Hello there Dear One,

In the spring of 2016, I set out on a journey with my friend and producer, Tyler Duncan, to make a record - A record for the hearts of the people. A record to feel with, deeply. I don't think I've ever worked so hard on anything as an artist.

The songs written for this project were born out of deep change and gratitude, grief and courage. The conversation, a very tender, personal and powerful dialog, with acceptance and transition. Sharing it with you is beyond exciting!

Today, I am launching a Kickstarter Campaign! Your support will nurture the dream of this creation and help these songs spread their wings into the world.

I'm really trying to wrap my mind around what is happening with the new world of digital music. It means involvement and serious dedication from patrons. More than we've ever seen. There are so many amazing projects that need and deserve financial backing. Can it be done? I am a relentless optimist!

Music is good work.

If you feel moved to share this project with your friends and community that would be incredible and really helpful. Here's the most beneficial link to share on Social Media sites, if you do!

I am so grateful for your continued support. It makes all the difference. You keep me writing and playing songs, truly. It takes every one of us.

I have some really special shows in April and May. Excited to be traveling to Vermont, Kentucky and Ohio as well as my usual Michigan stops! I have lots of new songs and new visions to share with new musicians backing met up. It would lift my heart to see your beautiful face. Click here for tour dates

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