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Earthwork Music Shines On National Television

May 4, 2015

Every Monday and Tuesday night for weeks, our Michigan community has been gathering around the glow of our TVs watching our own, Joshua Davis make his way on NBC's top rated show, the Voice. With tears and pride we cheer on one of Michigan's most treasured singer songwriters. That's our Joshua Davis up there, doing what he does so well, and representing all of us on national TV. It's exciting, and it gives us a wonderful excuse to celebrate something we cherish, Josh and his music.

This week there was another chapter to the story as Sawyer Fredericks, sang May Erlewine's song, Shine On. Some of you might be asking, "How is it that two Earthwork artists are now represented on this show?" Well, it happened like things do around here, organically.

Sawyer Fredericks, a young singer songwriter from upstate NY, has resonated with May's music for many years. His family has a special connection with the song, Shine On. Sawyer has had a few of May's songs on his song list every week. This was so exciting, but none of us ever thought the producers would let him sing a song that wasn't on the hit list. Sawyer fought hard to sing Shine On because it meant something to him and his family. Through eight seasons of the hit show, it is rare that an independent musician's song has been featured. Wow, way to go Sawyer!

So this Monday, May got the call. It was really going to happen! Immediately we felt shocked and a little confused. How mind blowing that this coincidence had presented itself. It definitely goes with the journey of the song. Shine On belongs to the people. It always has from the moment it passed through May into the world. It belongs to Sawyer just as much as it belongs to us Michiganders. What a beautiful testament to the power of song and what a victory for independent artists!

So, why isn't Josh singing his original music? Good question! You can bet he's got Michigan artists on his lists too, but the producers are in charge and for whatever reason, they aren't allowing him to do that. Josh has been representing independent artists and the Michigan music scene every step of the way, in every interview and every chance he gets. He's been really encouraging to all of the other contestants on the show, offering support and his experience to help them succeed. We are so proud of Josh for representing all of us and what we've worked for with such heart and class. It's simply who he is, and we all love him for it.

So what does this all mean? It means that we are lucky to be musicians here in Michigan. It means that our musical community is unique and that it shows, even through the glitz and glimmer of National TV. People are looking for something real to hang on to in these times, and that is what our music was created to provide. The Michigan Music scene is rich, diverse and strong in it's roots. Josh, May, all of us, are standing on the shoulders of a powerful lineage of music based in collaboration and authenticity. The Earthwork Music Collective strives to carry on this legacy and we celebrate our vibrant musical community with full hearts today, and every day.

Please continue to support Josh and #DavisNation every Monday and Tuesday night! On behalf of Earthwork Music, we thank you for your ongoing support.

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Hưng Ngọc
Hưng Ngọc

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One of the most adored singer-songwriters in Michigan is Joshua Davis. He did a fantastic job with his tunes. geometry dash breeze


Manuel Murphy
Manuel Murphy

Joshua Davis is one of Michigan's most beloved singer-songwriters. His songs performed excellently. doodle baseball


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