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Music for Sprouts

April 2, 2016

There's a new magical place for families at the commons in Traverse City. Some special friends of Earthwork have been developing Elf for the past few years. It is now open and the community is absolutely loving it. The first music program there will be "Music for Sprouts"!

Our own Chris Dorman has developed this fantastic and successful program and offers classes at his farm in Vermont. Chris and May have worked together to bring the program to Michigan and cater it to the vision that May has, using her magic with little ones and her wonderful musical gifts to offer something deeply nourishing and encouraging for little ones in our community!

May still has room in one of her classes! Connect if you'd like to drop in.

For sprouts ages 0-3


9:15am (45 min class)

$20 drop in fee

Siblings under 6 months may attend FREE of charge!

Please email for questions!

(It is our goal that finances are not a barrier to your family's involvement. If you are unable to attend Music For Sprouts classes because tuition is unaffordable at this time please email May and we will do our best to make it work for you.)

Using music as a vehicle, Music for Sprouts offers unique activities that support creative exploration and imaginative play. With a focus on families, nature and community, little ones are invited to engage and learn about the world around them. The classes are small (10 sprouts or less) and children are able to experience an intimate and encouraging environment while learning and participating at their own pace.

Music for Sprouts helps children connect to the land and each other. This music and movement program is just for little ones to experience with their parents or caregivers. These classes are tailored to the development of very young minds.

Please share the news with anyone you know that might be interested as there is still space but classes are small.

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Marikan Sukasi
Marikan Sukasi
17 de abr.

Just for kids and their parents or guardians, there's a music and exercise program

only up


Lamb Herman
Lamb Herman
16 de abr.

Chris and May have worked together to bring the program to Michigan and cater it to the vision geometry dash lite

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