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Featuring sincere, earnest writing steeped in the tradition of the folk-singer activist, Second Sight transmutes the pain, grief, and turmoil of these troubled times into an album of powerful, heartfelt songs. Lyrically, many tracks are a reckoning, tackling injustice and discrimination head-on: “How Can I Return” challenges us to consider the history of colonization in America; “Whole Again” exposes the continuing pain of women’s oppression; “That’s My Home” is a direct letter to the 45th president, pleading with him to consider the direction he has been driving this country.


Yet while many of the themes on Second Sight are somber, Erlewine delivers her messages with her signature heart and warmth. “Some of the topics are heavy, but all of the songs have a sense of tenderness,” Erlewine says. “The album is trying to dig into big questions in the hopes that we can find better fooding forward.” 


Other songs on Second Sight are more a bit more bouyant, without taking an eye off the work that needs to be done. “My Best for You” is a prime example, as the song addresses our need to carry on for the sake of our children. Themes of community, connection and meaningful progress are woven throughout the album, tied together with threads of love and strength.

Second Sight was self produced and recorded with Tyler Duncan. It also includes the talent of many incredible musicians and longtime collaborators.


  • New Morning (Shirt Stack)
  • Here We Are
  • My Best for You
  • Whole Again
  • Eyes on the Road
  • That's My Home
  • Heaven
  • How Can I Return
  • Together in My Mind
  • Afraid

"Second Sight" CD

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