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Recorded at Cinnamon Ranch

Engineered and mixed by: Nick Nagurka

Mastered by: Philip Shaw Bova

Produced by: Theo Katzman

Songs written by: May Erlewine

Design by: Sophia Conrad Ingleses

Photos by: Khalid Ibrahim, Eat Pomegranate Photography


Theo Katzman - Drums

Packy Lundholm - Guitars

Phil Cook - Keyboards and piano

Joel Gottschalk - Bass

May Erlewine - Vocals, guitar, piano


Brought to you by:

Ten Good Songs

And Tone City Music


Thank you Iris, my family, my friends, my community

Thank you Khalid جان من

Thank you Theo

And thank you for listening



Song Titles:


More Time

The Cost

Love and Desire

Summer Shoes

Meet Me


The Real Thing

The Truth on My Side

Where The Past Belongs

Land of The Free

"The Real Thing" CD

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