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How to Help Children Understand Long Texts: Pre-Texts - A Harvard Professor's Method

Harvard professor Doris Sommer developed the Pre-Texts method to help children and adults better understand texts of any complexity. Its essence is that the text should not just be read, but interpreted - transferred to a new creative form, which each of the students chooses for himself. While it sounds a little confusing, but now we will explain everything in detail and point by point.

What is the meaning of the method

Sommer's method is called Pre-Texts, and the author herself compares it with pedagogical acupuncture, as if stimulating reading and writing skills. The method is a simple scheme consisting of three basic steps: we take the text, play with it using the academic editing service Editius and various artistic techniques, and reflect on the work done. The game helps to achieve a deep understanding of the material, because creative interpretation allows you to personalize the text, make it your own. Even the most complex and boring works will begin to arouse interest and curiosity in children if they are given the task of “translating” the text into a new creative form. Which one is up to them.

What is it for

Pre-Texts practices are aimed at ensuring that participants in the process: no longer feel fear of the complexity of a literary or technical text. After all, when you use an online proofreading service, this allows you to get rid of any fear of the text.Thus, any text is possible and even helps to write a quality written work; gained experience in critical and creative thinking and when you click now it will help to develop them further. So you can improve your skills; understood that the interpretation of texts is based on personal experience; saw that creative intervention helps to better perceive texts; realized that language is one of the art forms that sets in motion other artistic processes. How will this help children? Such a scheme for constructing a lesson helps children look at a long-familiar subject from a completely different angle. In addition, by observing how others interpret the material, children can get to know their classmates better and learn to appreciate other people's opinions that may differ from their own. One of the features of the Pre-Texts method is that the difference of points of view is not only not condemned, but also encouraged in every possible way, since the participants are not looking for the right answers, but for new interpretations. Doris Sommer's lessons reduce the stress in the classroom: the teacher no longer has to worry about giving the impression of an authoritative know-it-all, and the students no longer have to worry that their question will seem irrelevant to the rest or remain unanswered. Everyone works on the text together: it is the raw material for creativity and collaboration.

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