Community Supported Music

Community Supported Music

10.00 every month

 In the age of free digital streaming it is really hard to find ways to financially support the creation and recording of music. So often my artist conscious community members ask how they can help support the creation of more music and my work as a songwriter. Crowdfunding campaigns are really great and have successfully funded my bigger records, but they don’t work for the smaller more frequent creations. I am dedicated to my craft and would like to introduce you to Community Supported Music. Much like a CSA, you buy a share or subscription to help support my work year round and you receive the harvest of the year.

The goal is to build a community of annual support that can help me to tour less and be creative more! Would you like to be a part of that community? It’s a very impactful investment that I am hopeful will yield an enjoyable connection to me and my process.

The CSM share/subscription would include a monthly update. This would be one fun digital letter from me with updates on what you helped to support creatively that month, a poem, a new song/or working song and something to make you smile.  You would also get copies of any albums or art that I release the year of your subscription.

The subscription is $10/month. That’s it… $10 a month to support an artist making more meaningful art.