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A New Year and a New Record

As we have all been traversing this year of change and adaptation to the global pandemic, I have been leaning into my creative process with great devotion. I'm thrilled to be releasing a new record this year and very much looking forward to sharing it with you.

The album is a collection of human love stories. Titled after the book by Cheryl Strayed, the music is a very intimate look at the many ways our hearts navigate the big feelings of the world. Co-produced with Joe Hettinga during the late winter of 2020, these songs feature some incredible musical talent including a strong presence from Theo Katzman on background vocals and electric guitar, mixed by Caleb Parker (Scary Pockets) and mastered by Devin Kerr (Goodhertz).

This album supported many independent musicians and engineers in it's creation and this month I am launching a kickstarter that will help to cover the debt of creating the album. Your purchase of this music is such a huge support to my craft and my life. Thank you for believing in my voice and for supporting independent artists.

Wishing you a rich new year full of authentic connection, abundance, love and light!

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