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"A Simple Phrase" - New Holiday Album Coming Dec. 4!

May Erlewine’s holiday collection, A Simple Phrase, is a peaceful companion for the season. This stripped down album featuring classical guitar, piano and Erlewine’s subtle vocals is a nostalgic listen through some of your favorite holiday songs. An unexpected, but welcomed release of covers from the songwriter feels like a loving gift to the listener as we all navigate a very different kind of holiday this year.

“I wanted the record to offer a sense of calm and warmth.” Erlewine says of creating the album in her home in Northern Michigan. “I really do love holiday music, and the process of recording these songs was very uplifting and enjoyable. I hope this music can bring some peace in these troubled times.” Mixed by Cynthea Kelley and mastered to tape by Ian Gorman of La Luna Recording and Sound, A Simple Phrase has a very intimate and inviting sonic feel.

For those of you overwhelmed by the hustle and the bustle, this music will bring you back to the sentiments that really matter during the holidays. A Simple Phrase will be released for purchase on Bandcamp and for pre-order at on November 27th. The record will be available everywhere on December 4th, 2020.

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