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For The Change

Oct. 16, 2020

*new music out today

Dear friends, I’ve made this song in hopes it will encourage you to continue to use your voice and to dig into the work for justice. The commitment doesn’t end with this election.

I want to live a life of showing up.

I want to find a new way.

One that doesn’t carry forward the history of colonization, white supremacy, hate and violence.

One that makes room for healing and reparations.

I see the symptoms of a deep sickness and I want to see it out. I want to show up for the change.

Please vote and please stand with me in this lifetime of work.

For The Change

Writing: May Erlewine

Copyright 2020

Producing: Joe Hettinga and May Erlewine

Engineered by: Joe Hettinga


Mixing: Joe Hettinga

Mastering: Devin Kerr with Annlie Huang @goodhertz

Piano, synth and Strings Arranging: @joehettingakeys

Drum Kit: @allenju

Drum Kit Recording Engineered By: Theo Katzman

Bass: @theokatzman

Saxophone: @caleb_elzinga

Percussion: @michaelshimmin

Background Vocals: @beth_nielsen_chapman

Design By: Eana Agopian

With special thanks to @secondstorysound, @tadunca, @katiejhettinga and @amber_buist

For the Change


How could I bring my pain to the river

When the river itself I have drained

How could I let my greed get so thirsty

And How will I show up for the change

How could I learn the song of a bird

If I kept her locked up in a cage?

How could I sing it, myself so freely

And How will I show up for the change?

I see the path

Laid out before me

I want to find a new way

I want to walk with the others

With my sisters and brothers

And I want to show up for the change

How can I listen to the sound of a silence,

The hands of my ancestors made

How could I turn my eyes from that violence?

And how will I show up for the change?

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