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Anyway Single - Out Now!

July 16, 2020

May Erlewine and the Woody Goss Band

Release Date July 17th

Produced and co-written with Woody Goss (Vulfpeck), May Erlewine’s new record, Anyway has a free feeling that has become rare in today’s world of highly-produced music.

The second single from the album and title track, Anyway, has the sweet sounds of music made in the moment. This song speaks of a love that makes no sense and of our rebellious, natural urge to love anyway, despite the odds.

Referencing their favorite 60’s and 70’s grooves and dabbling in some old jazz sounds, Anyway is an “in the room” record. May brought her gifts as a lyricist and songwriter, and Woody contributed his composing and arranging. A “Wrecking Crew” of sorts was assembled at Rax Trax Recording Studio for the occasion, and engineer Noam Wallenberg captured it all with an old 8-track.

The band features Woody Goss and Ben Joseph on keys, Packy Lundholm on drums, Andrew Vogt on the bass, and May Erlewine on vocals.

“There’s something so special about letting the music move you, before you know exactly what to do, before you can even think about it. These songs happened to us. We let them. Woody asked us to do what we all love to do - play.” - May Erlewine

Pre-Order your copy of the vinyl today

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