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Mother Lion - Released Today

Nov. 1, 2017

..." I wished a way might be

My Heart to subdivide --

'Twould magnify -- the Gratitude --

And not reduce -- the Gold -- "

- Emily Dickinson

After over two years, it is with great joy today that I offer my new album, Mother Lion to the world.

It is an offering of vulnerability and raw heart. It has been cradled and protected with intention by my producer, Tyler Duncan.

Each step and every body that gave to this music did so with all their might, all of their love, all of their spirit. You can hear it.

It is a journey. A journey of feeling. Hoping that the sentiments hit a home in your chest and offer a release.

I don't know if there is somewhere to get to,

But there is definitely somewhere to be.

In solidarity

and with great gratitude



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Ann Green
Ann Green
May 22

The Lion Mother to the World gives me a very real feeling and conveys a lot of meaning to viewers about motherhood and the importance of the mother's role in life. Happy Wheels


The people who contributed their bodies and souls to this music did it with everything they had.

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