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Power Shift Blend

Jan. 12, 2014

Here they are, our brand new singles, produced by Tyler Duncan, featuring Trevor Hobbs! Officially released today on a bag of some of the best coffee in the world! To benefit a global network for climate change action! Introducing:Power Shift Blend !

It's 2014 and there is plenty of good work to do. We hope this new collaborative release will help continue to fuel the good work you are doing. Your purchase supports organic coffee farmers in Columbia and Ethiopia, independent music farmers in Michigan and, a citizen-led movement to solve the climate crisis in 188 countries!

A note about the music from Bill, the founder of

"It's sometimes a little easy to get down when you contemplate global warming. Caffeine helps, of course--but not as much as these clear, powerful anthems from Seth and May!"

-Bill McKibben

A note about the coffee from Tyler, the music producer:

"This 50/50 Sidamo & Colombian light-roast blend blend was also a collaboration designed with intention and care from the very start, and the final product has absolutely blown me away. The initial taste is that exotic tropical fruit blast I would hope for from a well roasted, processed, and stored Ethiopian, but the magic moment is when you breathe out pure Colombian chocolate velvet! And somehow the bolder and heavier flavors of the Colombian don't overshadow or obscure the delicate nuances of the Sidamo in any way. In musical terms, it's like a great arrangement, where all the parts strengthen each other, without cluttering. An absolute joy."

-Tyler Duncan

A note about from Chris, co-founder of Higher Grounds:

" is the most wide-spread and effective citizen-led effort to fight climate change and create a better future that we have. The campaigns and actions are effective and creative, the projects work for the greater good and 188 countries are represented in the miraculous network that is Higher Grounds is proud to be a part of’s global movement to solve the climate crisis."

-Chris Treter

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Caffeine helps, of course--but not as much as these clear, powerful anthems from Seth and May drift boss

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