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Second Sight Album To Be Released This Fall

Aug. 30, 2019

Michigan songwriter, May Erlewine releases her new album this Fall. ‘Second Sight’ is a record of reflection with songs about existing, connecting and moving forward through very turbulent times as a country. The lyrics strive to deepen our awareness and emotional connection while drawing on our intuition and vision as a people. Self produced and recorded with Tyler Duncan, the work includes a long list of incredible musicians.

There are threads of willingness, strength and love running through the music. This collection of songs is meant to draw us into what it means to call this place home. The album begs the question... How do we acknowledge the wounds of history? How do we honor our stories? How can we create new traditions? How can we fully realize a new american dream by actualizing a safe and respectful home for everyone? When will everyone really mean every one of us? All walks of life and love.

Erlewine is bringing these questions and this music to venues all over the mitten. Joining her, a beautiful band of humans featuring Phil Barry, Eric Kuhn, Joe Hettinga, Max Lockwood and Michael Shimmin. The musicians intend to share in a meaningful, heart opening and nourishing experience.

With intention, we can remember our hearts are connected. With love, we can continue our deep work of healing. With the power of music, we can lay down our swords and shields and be in community. With a strong community, we can work on a new dream. Together.

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