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Second Sight Available Now

Nov. 11, 2019

This month my album, Second Sight, is available everywhere.

I don't know, truly, if I've ever worked so hard on a piece of art in my life. I do know that it took the support of so many beautiful humans that believe in my voice. This made me want to work harder to make it everything it was calling to be.

I don't know what it is exactly. It's a gift. It's a story. It's my heart.

I know that it came from the purest place I could find. I know that it is my truth and my voice reflecting what it feels like to be alive in this country right now.

I know that I made it in service, To my community, And to those that are unheard.

I am grateful today. As I release this album into the world.

May it be of use to you and be beneficial in some way.

Thank You

@Tyler Duncan Without your belief in my music, this album would not exist. Without your attentive care, I wouldn’t know these songs. One of the greatest gifts of my life is your friendship and our collaborations.

Iris Betsy Bernardo If I ever needed a reason to find joy and love. You have far exceeded any reason a mind could dream. You are the love of my life and I am so honored and proud to be your guide. Thank you for teaching me so much my little giant.

Mom and Dad Always. Always. Always. You are the rocks that I stand on. I love you both so deeply.

My Family (my beautiful siblings and their families and partners) If I ever had a home in this world It lives in the love we share.

Samuel Seth Bernard Our story continues. In the name of our daughter. I feel your support. It matters a mountain. Love and gratitude.

My Community Thank you for believing in me. For informing me. For humbling me. For lifting me up. For reminding me.

My Kickstarter Supporters You make me feel like a natural women. I cannot explain how very grateful I am for your support of my art.

There are a few more people in my life that have really been a critical part of this album.

I would like to thank Barb and Jeff Duncan, Joe Hettinga and Third Coast Recording, Ian Gorman at La Luna Recording and Sound, Geoff Michael and Big Sky Recording, Theo Katzman, Woody Goss, @Joe Dart, PJ George III, Ann DelMariani, Laura Ann Bates-Lerman, Micah Ling, Anna Ash, Julian Louis Allen, James Cornelison, @Max L L Lockwood, Michael Shimmin, Phil Barry, Eric Andrew Kuhn, TrademarkMassey, Mike Lynch, Joshua Davis, Rachael Davis, Lindsay Lou, Tim Wharton, @Alison Cole, @Joshua Bonno Rachel Mazerr, Rob Reider, Fleming Artists, Matthew Proch, @Anand Nayak, @jason Walker, Michael DeAgro, @Bridget Bernhard, Penny Krebiehl, @Margaret Littin, Eana Apple Agopian, Kara's Kottages, Chris Huang, Holly Wren Spaulding, Brad Phillips, Graham Parsons, @Dominic John Davis, Drew Howard, @Laurel Premo, @John Hanson, Joshua Thomas Skinner and YOU ❤

Listen here…

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