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The Little Things EP

Nov. 17, 2016

The results of the election have me reeling, I don’t know where to begin and I know that there is much to be done. I remain committed to serving the work ahead in the best ways I know how. I am committed to opening hearts and continuing to hold space for feeling in a real way.

You guys, I had this idea to create a groove and soul inspired EP for folks that have a hard time with the holidays. In my life I have had countless conversations about how emotionally and economically stressful and isolating this time of year can be. From super intense family dynamics, to coping with loss, or feeling uncomfortable with how (we as a consumer culture) create these “all consuming” holiday expectations that CAN extinguish any hope for genuine feeling or connection. Am I projecting? Maybe.

These songs were born out of real conversations I’ve had with dear friends over the years. They are about the struggle to feel part of a community or family, the struggle to squeeze intimate connections into a few days once a year, the challenge to “be merry” when we’re amazed we got out of bed, the stresses and pressures we put on ourselves that build up into a mountain of shoulds. These songs are for you. I know, I realize I may not be making this sound super appealing.

There’s a catch, they are groovy. I thought, “if I’m gonna do this, it’s gotta be danceable.” So the EP, you can move to it. Why not get bodies moving and warmed up? After all, dancing and singing relieve more stress than almost any other activity. Seems like a reasonable goal.

So we tracked it in late October. Just a couple weeks ago! (still pretty fresh) The EP was recorded at La Luna studios and engineered by Ian Gorman. The songs are supported by an incredible band of Michigan musicians featuring, Phil Barry and Joshua Davis on guitars, Ross Huff trumpet, Tim Haldeman on tenor sax, Max Lockwood on bass, Mike Lynch on keys and Michael Shimmin on the drums. (Thanks for jumping on board my crazy ship, guys) They all sound great, as you’d imagine. Glenn Brown finished the deal and mastered these songs.

I was trying to figure out how to release this thing. I thought, “while I’ve got them out grieving and dancing, I might as well keep the grooves going!” So we’re touring the mitten with a whole bunch of dance parties. I had no idea we’d have so much to grieve, you guys. I don’t even know if you feel like dancing. The whole idea is to come as you are and be with your community and move your body to some music. Cry, laugh, dance your butt off, stand in the corner with your eyes closed. Whatever you need. I’ll do my best to keep it intentional and to set the right tempo. I’ll do my best to keep it real and to hold space for you all. Helping me to do that I’ll have Phil Barry, Eric Kuhn/Joe Wilson, Terrence Massey, Max Lockwood/Chris Michaels, Michael Shimmin and Mike Lynch!

It’s nice to be in community during tough times. Let’s get together. Check out the dates below. Sending love your way. Hang in there.



It’s a holy night when we come together

A merry thing, despite the weather

You’re welcome here

Wherever you’re at

Consider the groove

A welcome mat



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Nicholson Percy
Nicholson Percy
6 days ago

Being a part of a community in the midst of difficult times is a wonderful experience. Come, let us gather. The dates are listed below for doodle jump your review. Love is on its way to you, with best wishes. Keep going.


treacle thump
treacle thump
6 days ago

It is pleasant to be part of a community amid challenging circumstances. Let us convene. Please review the dates provided below. Wishing you love and sending it to you. Endure. tunnel rush


davenport kim
davenport kim
Dec 11, 2023

I hope you will always try your best and make every effort with your work. eggy car

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